MWZ 0102 - 1004

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    MWZ are the new Compact Air Handling Units of Mitsubishi Electric Hydronic & IT Cooling Systems SPA, with high configuration flexibility and reduced dimensions, for installation in commercial and terziary applications. The wide range of accessories in modular configuration combined with 4 versions of base units, assures the perfect solution for any installation requirement. Cooling, Heating, Humidification Post-heating, Air Recycling with possibility of mixing air with external air. High efficiency filters. High Static Pressure is available thanks to last generation motor fans used with this range.


    • PVBO - Low Air Intake, Horizontal Installation
    • FVBO - Front Air Intake, Horizontal Installation
    • FVBV - Front Air Intake, Vertical Installation, Vertical air delivery
    • FVBF - Front Air Intake, Vertical Installation, Front Air Delivery


    • Structure: Sandwich panel 20mm with galvanized steel internally and varnished galvanized steel externally. Glass fibre isolation inside the double panel.
    • Centrifugal Fan installed inside a Box made according with the specifications of Self Supporting Technology. The Fandeck is of 1 or 2 Centrifugal fans with double inlet, aluminum blades and forward curved fins directly coupled to 1 or 2 electric motors of last generation.
    • Water Coil installed inside a Box made according the specifications of SST Technology. High efficient coil made of copper pipes and aluminum fins fixed by mechanical expansion. Coil without air vent valves. Tested at 30 Bar pressure suitable to work with water at max 15 Bar pressure. Standard connections on the right side. Possibility to order left side connections, or to invert them on the working site. Main coil on standard and powered version. Incorporated 2R additional coil for units with standard main coil only. Additional Section with 2R water coil, for all versions and sizes.
    • Air Filters: The units are supplied standard without filters. Different filter sections are available as flat filter, undolated and bag filter, to be selected in order phase.
    • Post-Heating: Additional Sections with Electrical Heater are available to be selected and ordered as accessories, not assembled with the unit. The Electrical Heater section is supplied with rele and safety thermostat, and covers a wide range of heating capacity.
    • Recycle/Air Renewal/Regulation and Mixing of External-Internal Air: Dumper sections with both manual and motorized regulation are available in ON/OFF, 3P or 0-10V motor version, to satisfy any installation requirement, working with totally external air or mixing of external air with internal air as well as managing of 2 independent air flows.
    • A particular design with a structure without pre-holes, suitable fastening systems and a cover roof, guarantees the normal operation of the unit even if installed outside in the presence of various climate conditions.
    • MWZ has been designed to allow a complete customization of the unit. Thanks to a full set of accessories and modules adaptable to the standard unit, MWZ is easily installable in reduced spaces, and in applications with precise installation requirements. MWZ is the perfect unit for any installation need.


    • Ductable air filter section, flat, undulated, or bag filters
    • Air filter pressure switch
    • Heating element module
    • Hot water coil Section
    • External/Internal mixing section
    • Section with Air Louver, manual and motorized
    • Section for humidifier
    • Noise level attenuator section for both air intake and supply outlets
    • Kit HB powerboard for units with AC motor and EKW, IKW Controls
    • Kit control board to manage 0-10V or 3 points modulating valve unit
    • Anti-vibration junction
    • Intake air panel with flat filter
    • Delivery air panel with grid
    • Circular Plenum for air intake and air delivery.
    • Condensate drain pump
    • Fixing units bracklets
    • Roof cover for horizontal units

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